I’ve come from years of game development into the mobile world somewhere around 3 years ago.  In that time i’ve noticed that a lot of developers still build apps like websites, heck some even use webviews to display their html pages as an app.  I understand cost, and budgets more than anyone else, but one thing I truly believe is that the days of apps being boring and successful are long gone.  This doesn’t mean you need to reinvent every app that you create, but it does mean you need to analyze apps that are successful, and those that aren’t successful.  As developers we need to realize that users become accustomed to the apps they use everyday.  Pinterest is the one I think of immediately, the world was overtaken by the Pinterest app, where now you have millions of people use to navigating their app.  This should tell us as designers and developers to pay attention to the functionality in that app because we know people understand how to use it.  Lets learn from successes and keep making minor changes, lets not revert back to making apps that function like websites.

With the power of mobile phones, apps need to be exciting, fun, and engaging, no more boring apps!