Time and time again I hear that the midwest (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois etc) lacks talent.  As a person that now resides in the midwest I’d like to argue this is not the case.  I’ve worked with some of the most talented people in the world over the last few years.  Just look at the number of Fortune 500 companies in the midwest, and look at the number of very talented design and development houses that build amazing software.  We wouldn’t have either of these if we lacked talent.  I want everyone to know that we are here in the midwest, and we can run toe to toe with everyone in the country.  When someone tells me that we are in fly over country, all it does is drive me to prove them wrong.  Companies like Zymo Entertainment (my company) don’t get to work for Fortune 500 companies, and major brands on accident, we are as talented as any studio in the country.  It is up to us in the midwest to change that perception, and the time for that change is now!